Tier 3: Leadership Electives

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Choose from the list below two additional leadership-related courses that interest you.  These courses will help you to deepen your knowledge on specific topics such as organizational behavior, ethics, diversity and inclusion, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision making, sustainability, and communications, and to understand the broad contexts in which leaders operate.

6 to 8 credits

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing additional elective courses from the approved list of offerings, students will:

  1. Examine in depth, critically evaluate, master and apply one or two of the specific skills identified in the learning outcomes of Tiers 1 and 2, including:
    • Self-reflection and self-understanding – thinking about thinking
    • Learning from experience – becoming a reflective practitioner of personal effectiveness
    • Conflict resolution and dialogue – creating two-way meaning in overcoming differences
    • Interpersonal power and influence
    • Ethics
    • Decision making – collaborative tools and overcoming biases
    • Leading teams
    • Leading organizations and change – building empowered cultures
    • Diversity, inclusion, inter-cultural competence
    • Strategic thinking
    • Special topics in leadership – public service, women in leadership, leadership in sports, Greek leadership etc.
  2. Demonstrate an appreciation for the various contexts of leadership in which informed decisions must be made. This includes topics of environmental sustainability, global thinking, and socioeconomic trends.

Elective Leadership Courses from across the University

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTime Offered
AEM 2700Management Communications3fall, spring, summer
AEM 3245Organizational Behavior3fall, spring
AEM 3320Leadership and Management in Sports3fall, spring
AEM 3340Women, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship1fall, weeks 1-7
AEM 3380Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Problem Solvers4fall, summer
AEM 4190Strategic Thinking3spring
AEM 4700Dyson Leadership Development Program1fall, spring
AIRS 3301Air Force Leadership Studies I3fall, spring
AIRS 3302Air Force Leadership Studies II3fall, spring
AIRS 3341Junior Officer Leadership Experiences I1fall, spring
AIRS 3342Junior Officer Leadership Experiences II3fall, spring
AIRS 4441Advanced Leadership Experiences1fall
ALS 2000Leadership for Sustainability3fall, spring
ALS 2020Greek Leadership Academy1fall (seven week sessions)
ALS 3200/3210Leadership and Global Service Learning: Pre- and Post-Summer Fieldwork1fall, spring
BIOG 3030STEM Women in Leadership: Lean in and Lead1fall
BSOC 2061/PHIL 2460/STS 2061Ethics and the Environment4spring
COML 2021/EAS 2021/ROMS 2021Humans and Climate Change3spring
COMM 3100Decision Making in Groups3spring
COMM 3150Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice3fall
COMM 4560Community Involvement in Decision Making3fall even years
DEA 4040Professional Practices and Ethics1.5spring, second half
EDUC 2200Intro to Adult Learning4fall, spring
EDUC 2210Methods and Context of Adult and Community Learning4fall,spring
EDUC 2610The Intergroup Dialogue Project3fall, spring
EDUC 3350Youth Organization Leadership Development3fall
EDUC 3650Advanced Intergroup Dialogue3spring
ENGRG 3910Applied Engineering Leadership3fall
ENGRG 4900Leading Groups and Teams1spring
ENTOM 3350Naturalist Outreach Practicum4fall
HADM 2170Hotel Leadership Development Program2spring, weeks 1-7
HADM 3650Persuasive Business Communication for Hospitality Leaders3fall, spring
HADM 4110Negotiations in the Hospitality Industry3fall, spring
HADM 4115Managing Professional Relationships3spring
HADM 4150Practical Leadership: Foundations for a Career1spring
HADM 4155Women in Leadership2fall (weeks 1-7), spring (weeks 8-14)
HADM 4620Intercultural Communication in Global Business3
HADM 4835Leading and Managing Teams2fall
HD 3450The Nature of Leadership3fall
HE 4923/ANTRHO 4923Professional Practice and Leadership5fall, spring
HE 4950Reflective Leadership Seminar2fall or spring
HE 4960Service, Professional Practice and Leadership in Global and Public Health10
ILRHR 4603Work Groups and Teams4fall or spring
ILRHR4670Developing Student Leadership Capabilities4spring
ILRHR 4672Leadership and Organizations4fall
ILRLR 2040Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Negotiation3spring
ILRLR 3057Environmental Mediation and Negotiation2fall, weeks 1-7
ILRLR 4012Managing and Resolving Conflict4spring
ILRLR 4027Campus Mediation Practicum3fall, spring
ILRLR 4820Ethics at Work4fall or spring
ILROB 3201Organizational Change: Theory and Practice4spring
ILROB 3730Culture, Leadership and Change: Engaging Students in Campus Life and Beyond4fall or spring
ILROB 4230Leadership in Organizations4
ILROB 4640Business Strategy4spring
ILROB 4790Organizations and Negotiation4spring , every other year
MILS 2201Individual Leadership Studies Teamwork1spring
MILS 3301Leadership and Problem Solving2fall
MILS 3302Leadership and Ethics2spring
MILS 4401Leadership and Management2fall
MILS 4402Officership2spring
NAVS 2201Leadership and Management3fall
NAVS 4402Leadership and Ethics3spring
PLHRT 4975Hortus Forum Leadership Development1-2fall, spring
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