Do I need to be a student in CALS to be eligible for the leadership minor?

No, any undergraduate student is eligible to complete the leadership minor.

What courses do I need to take to fulfill the minor?

See the Curriculum tab for more information about course and experiential learning requirements.

How do I get into the leadership minor?

To become a candidate for the Leadership Minor, complete the online Declaration of Intent form. Upon receiving your completed form, the program coordinator will contact you to schedule a meeting with the minor’s faculty advisor, Dr. Marvin Pritts, to discuss your course plan and capstone project.

How late in my undergraduate career can I add the minor?

It is best to plan for the minor during your freshman or sophomore year. Enrolling in the minor later may be possible if you have taken LEAD 3100 and at least one other leadership course. Get in touch with the program coordinator to discuss the feasibility of your course plan.

How do I get a leadership minor advisor?

After submitting your Declaration of Intent form, you should contact Dr. Marvin Pritts, the faculty advisor for the minor, to set up a meeting to discuss your capstone project.

How do I sign up for my ePortfolio?

Once you are a candidate in the minor, an account will be created for you through Cornell IT.  Initial login information will be sent from Cornell IT to your Cornell email address.

When should my ePortfolio begin and end?

The ePortfolio can begin as soon as you are a candidate in the minor. Ideally, it should be a work in progress throughout your development as a leader at Cornell. LEAD 4925 should be taken after the capstone and other requirements are completed, typically during a student’s senior year. This course gives you credit for completing the ePortfolio. However, your ePortfolio will stay with you and can be updated even after you graduate.

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