ePortfolio (LEAD 4925)

1 credit

In your final semester at Cornell or when you are ready to complete the minor, you will enroll in LEAD 4925, Leadership Portfolio (1 credit, fall, spring). This requirement involves creating a digital portfolio–also called an ePortfolio–on the Digication platform. The template for the required content can be found on the Cornell’s Digication website. This will be a guided summary and reflection on your leadership experiences in each of the four tiers, particularly your experience outside of the classroom.

You’ll use the ePortfolio to capture key critical reflections at multiple points during your journey. You will receive assistance and information on how to set up your ePortfolio upon being admitted into the minor. Below are examples of excellent ePortfolios created by recent graduates in the Leadership Minor:

Tom Beirne
Marlène Boissonnault
Katie Bower

If you already have an ePortfolio as part of your major or another class, then you can add a tab that encompasses your leadership experiences so you have to maintain only one ePortfolio. You must satisfactorily meet the requirements of the ePortfolio to complete the Leadership Minor.

Critical Reflection

Your ePortfolio should capture your reflections on your leadership through the lens of your capstone experience. The ePortfolio provides prompts to help guide your reflections, which in turn will examine your assumptions about others and document your personal development during your capstone experience.

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