Leadership Minor: Learn to Lead!


 Do you have a passion to lead—both now as a student and when you enter the workforce?

  • Do you want to identify and grow your strengths so that you can develop better professional skills?
  • Do you want to learn and use the tools you’ll need to develop mutual trust and respect to build and lead diverse teams?
  • Do you seek to understand the complexities and impact of engaging with communities of people within and outside the university?

No matter your major or your college, the Cornell Leadership Minor will help you explore these facets, grow self-awareness, and help you uncover the linkages between how you and others live, work and lead. You will become a more actively engaged, reflective and effective citizen with a deeper understanding of the complexities, dynamics and interdependencies of life. You’ll develop the specific professional skills employers say college graduates lack.

The Leadership Minor features new courses and integrates existing courses with community activities and co-curricular experiences in a guided pathway that will help you develop the skills necessary to become a true leader and engage with diverse communities.

In a nutshell, this pathway requires completion of 11 to 18 credit hours spread out over four tiers of learning, plus completion of an ePortfolio.

Learn more about the Leadership Minor

Follow the links below to view course options and learning outcomes for the four tiers and the ePortfolio requirement:

Apply to the Leadership Minor!

If you are interested in pursuing the Leadership Minor, please submit a declaration of intent. Acceptance to the minor is automatic. If you complete the form, the minor will be listed on your internal academic record. Once you graduate and a program audit confirms you completed the minor, your academic record will be updated to reflect that. There is no penalty if you do not complete the minor.

Once you are a Leadership Minor candidate, we will create an ePortfolio account for you on the Digication platform. You can learn more about the ePortfolio, a required component of the minor, in LEAD 4925.

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